Cooking Classes

Traditional Moroccan Dishes taught by Authentic Dada Chefs

«Arguably the best cooking classes in Essaouira»

Learn the secrets of the Moroccan kitchen from the real experts, Dada Chefs (Traditional Moroccan Cooks). Our Dada Chefs are the best in Essaouira, who are delighted to share their knowledge with you.

Restaurant Laayoune’s traditional Moroccan cooking class is an opportunity for delightful participation to not only to learn to cook but an opportunity to discover the secrets of some of the best Moroccan cuisine recipes in a professional but also genuinely relaxed atmosphere.

Your class begins outside of the kitchen with a trip to the market where you learn about traditional ingredients as you buy supplies, including the secrets of Moroccan spices, like cumin, turmeric, cayenne, saffron, and cinnamon, theses can also be purchased to take home. After returning to the restaurant, you take over the kitchen and are taught how to cook authentic Moroccan fare. When everything is ready, you will dine on your creations in the tranquil restaurant.

Informal and informative, groups are generally small, from around two to six people, letting you really benefit from one-on-one time with the chef. Lessons can be tailored to meet individual requirements, so if there is a particular dish that you are burning to create, this is the place to learn it. You can learn how to prepare vegetarian-friendly dishes and meals that are free from gluten, as well.

A translator ensures that all details are fully understood throughout the session

Here is What to Expect

Arrive at Restaurant Laayoune, here you will discuss meal options with the chef before you all head to the markets to where you will learn about the ingredients that are purchased, returning to the restaurant you take over the kitchen with the chef and under skill supervision you prepare your Moroccan meal. When it is done you will dine on your creation in the tranquil restaurant Laayoune.

Cooking ingredients bought from souk
Your prepared meal
Bottled water
Coffee and/or Tea

Classes take place daily from: 09:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 18:00

Please book in advance via email:

Price MDH 350 per person (based minimum of 2)
*Ask us for a price quote if you what to take this class by yourself